About Us

We are test prep tutors, and have been for decades. We have worked with thousands of students. Finally, we have created the test performance analysis tool of our dreams. This is the tool that we want for our students. We are making it available for you. Everyone preparing for these exams should have access to these insights. We hope you like our tool and we hope that it helps you or your students get one step closer to their educational dreams.


We want practice opportunities that look and feel just like the real thing. We want actionable insights into student performance on test day. And finally, we want to boil that all up into advice that matters for each student. That's all. That's not to much to ask for, is it?


We want to empower students to take control of their own learning. We want them to use our tools to turn standardized tests from a barrier into a springboard that gets them one step closer to their educational dreams.


Sonya Muthalia

Sonya doesn’t mess around when it comes to her business, her test prep, or her students. She makes no compromises when it comes to her methods and insists on the best tools and materials at all times. In exchange, her students do what she says (because she won’t take No for an answer), but they get the results they are looking for. When not running her business or guiding her own son through the college admissions process, Sonya enjoys creating rare hybrid orchid clones and publishing chess problems.

Neill Seltzer

There is no hat in the world of test prep and tutoring that Neill has not worn and no challenge that he has not already faced a few times over. He has written over a dozen books on the SAT and the GRE for various leading brands, built multiple tutoring brands, and has trained hundreds of tutors. When not working on new tutoring challenges, Neill enjoys molecular gastronomy and three dimensional painting. And yes, he does whatever Sonya says.

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